Terms & Conditions
By Submitting your Psychic Party booking you agree to the following T&C's

1. Readings are £30 per person, the minimum number of people required to host a Psychic Party is 4. If you (the host) invite 5 people (6 in total including yourself) you will receive a FREE reading. The maximum number for Psychic Parties is 6.


2. Each reading is allocated a 30 minute time slot. Depending on the nature of the reading and content covered in the reading the time may vary.


3. A Psychic Party starts at 6:30pm, unless it is agreed to start earlier or later upon booking.


4. Once a date has been agreed a deposit of £15 is required within 24 hours. After which that date is then reopened to another party. Your deposit will be returned to you on the night of the Psychic Party.


5. If after you have booked and paid a deposit, should you have to cancel your booking, your deposit will be returned if you give at least 7 days’ notice, Or you can use the deposit to arrange another date. Should the alternate date be cancelled the deposit will not be refundable.


6. Should a Psychic Party be cancelled by Paul you will be offered your deposit back or you can rearrange another date. The same applies should their be adverse weather conditions and the psychic party is cancelled.


During Readings


7. If after 5 minutes of participating in a reading you or a party member does not feel that they are getting anything from the reading and you/ party member makes Paul aware, the reading will be shut down and there will be no charge. If you/party member does not make Paul aware until after the reading, the full amount will still be owed. If Paul feels he is not making a connection with you/party member he will make you aware and the reading will be shut down and there will be no cost. Should an occurrence like this happen, this will not affect the host having their reading for free. (Subject to the booking being originally booked for 6 people including the host)


8. All readings are private and confidential, Paul will not share any information or discuss your reading with any member of your party /group, for this reason you/guests are more than welcome to take notes but not to record.


9. Alcohol it is strongly advised that you/guests come to your reading with a clear mind without the influence of alcohol, this is for your/guest safety. Should Paul feel that you/guest are heavily under the influence of alcohol he has the right to refuse a reading. The full amount will still be due for the reading. After the reading you/ guests are open to socialise however you/they wish.


Your details and information 


Your privacy is taken very seriously and any information that you give will only be used to contact you with regards to the Psychic Party unless you have stated otherwise. Once you have submitted a form you will be contacted either by email/phone to give you information on availability and to have  questions answered that you may have submitted. If after 14 days a confirmed booking has not been made and you have not given permission for future updates your details and any correspondence will be deleted.  

If you make a confirmed booking and have opted out of receiving information about future events, your details and correspondence will be deleted after 14 days from the date of the psychic party.  

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