Paul’s passion is to help and guide people from all walks of life, whatever the problem may be.    

Paul works within Spiritualist Church's, theater's, public halls, peoples homes and conducts one:one readings at True Serenity. Paul has been aware of his abilities from a young age and has had support from his family who come from a Spiritualist background. He is a very dedicated and disciplined medium. In his youth he would sit once a week in a development group with trusted experienced psychics & mediums who's guidance and help would shape Paul's pathway as he continued his journey.


Paul is often asked to give guidance on relationships, career, lifestyle as well as connecting with people's past loved ones. Paul’s life as a Psychic & Medium has taken him on many journey’s. He made a  guest appearance on Most Haunted back in 2006. He has shared his knowledge and experiences on Living TV and written articles for the well renowned Chat It's Fate magazine. 

When Paul connects with spirit he brings their personalities to life, demonstrating clear evidence of their presence, with past life connections. Paul enjoyed his time demonstrating his mediumistic abilities as a regular participant at 2BR Radio on the mystic Monday slot as well as contributing on Manchester Radio online. 

Paul has a wealth of experience when conducting paranormal investigations and has been to over 150 UK haunted locations. 

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Paul covers all areas in the North West of England, North Wales, South West Yorkshire & Merseyside