How does Paul work?

Frequently asked questions

Paul works in two ways. He can work using psychic and mediumistic ability. When working psychically he will be linking into your energy/aura. Paul will be able to pick up on your life experiences and situations that may be going on around you and things from your past that may be holding you back today. When he is working using mediumship he will be connecting with your loved one's. Giving you evidence of their personalities, stories from the past and messages of guidance from them. 

Does Paul use tarot cards?

Yes Paul does use tarot cards. Paul's belief is that the Tarot cards give subtle hints and clues as to the kind of path way that you may be heading on, over the next up and coming months, based upon the energy that is around you at the time of your reading. Paul believes that you have control of your future and the tarot cards give subtle hints as a guideline. 

Working Psychically allows Paul to explore situations in your life with regards to relationships, career and any questions you may have about your life.

How do I book Paul for a One:One Reading at True Serenity?

You can book by contacting 01706630750 this is the best way as the staff have access to his booking schedule here. 

Why do I have to pay a £15 deposit

This is so that no one else can book your appointment time.

What is True Serenity?

True Serenity is an holistic centre that offers complimentary therapies and treatments. So you can be assured that you will be in a relaxed safe place for your reading. 

If Paul does not feel that he is connecting with me what happens?

If Paul does not feel he is making a connection with you he will immediately tell you and you will receive your deposit back.

Is my reading confidential?

Yes all readings are done in confidence and so is your anonymity, Paul's clients come from all backgrounds and some familiar to the public eye. Paul is trusted and is known for his upmost professionalism. True Serenity do their best to make sure that clients do not meet in reception to protect your anonymity.    

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Paul covers all areas in the North West of England, North Wales, South West Yorkshire & Merseyside