I have followed Paul for many years to different events and he is by far the most genuine Psychic Medium and person I have known. Me and my partner have had many readings off him over the years and has helped us through some very tough times, because of  Paul's help  we are now in a very good place. God Bless you.


Thank you Paul for your uplifting guidance, you went straight into my reading at True Serenity and gave me a message from my Auntie who I was very close to. Some of the problems I came to you with are still being resolved and I focusing on the positive outcomes that are now coming to light.


You came to my sisters house last September and did readings for my sister and a few of her friends. I wasn't going to have a reading then decided to have one as everyone was very impressed. This sort of thing has never been my bag but the evidence you gave about me and current stuff that was going on was unbelievable.  I have recommended  you to quite a few people and hope to come and watch you at one of your events.

Kerry B

Paul came to see at me at my house as I was experiencing some weird stuff. My son at the time was going through issues at school too and my partner was going through some bad luck at work. I have had psychics come to the house before and tell me nonsense about what was going on. Paul came recommended by my Brother. He was very understanding of what I was experiencing. He helped me to come to a realization that not all that was going on in my house was down to ghosts and that some of the stuff going on I was creating myself. I thank Paul for helping me see sense. I look forward to seeing you in 2019. 

Michelle & Drew

I met Paul a while back and I was unsure as to what I should do with my career. I told Paul nothing about what I had come to see him over he got straight into what I was at a cross roads with. His link with his guides is inspirational. I wish I had a gift like it. Through the guidance given I was able to make the right choices for me and my family. I sent my husband for a reading and he too was blown away with what was said to him. Highly recommended

Fiona P 

I have seen Paul in person and over a Skype reading and have been blown away each time. His accuracy is outstanding and he wasn’t vague in the slightest, everything was specific and made perfect sense. It has helped me massively and pushed me to do things I know I should have been doing a long time ago. I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for life guidance or contact from the spirit world. Amazing! 


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